Tuesday, December 11, 2018


4th TURBLOG Workshop - “Transferability of urban logistics concepts and practices from a worldwide perspective"


The fourth TURBLOG workshop was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on the 20th and 21st of April 2011. 

The presentations given by the experts as well as the agenda are available for download below.


 Day 1 - Tuesday 20 September 2011

Approach and Overview of TURBLOG project - Rosário Macário, TIS.pt

- Case study from Mumbai – Deepak Baindur, Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University (India)

Case study from China and Japan - Junichi Yashiro, Public Planning & Policy Studies, Inc. (Japan)

European experiences from DHLRobin Moore, DHL Supply Chain (UK)

Latin American experiences - Martin Oyanguren, AMBEV Drink Company (Brazil) and

- Latin American experiencesWalter VighyCESA Logistic Company

City of Paris experiences in urban logisticsDiana Diziain (Paris)

City of Santiago do Chile experiences in urban logisticsRicardo Giesen, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile)


Day 2 - Wednesday 21 September 2011

Business models and logistic profiles - Rosário Macário, TIS.PT

Transferability methodologyMarcelo Cintra do Amaral, BHTRANS (Brazil)

Case study from Cariacica, BrazilPaul Timms, ITS Leeds (UK)

Case study from La Victoria, PeruCesar Lama, PTL UNI (Peru)

- Challenges for urban freight delivery in cities: Experience from European projects - Sylvain Haon, POLIS (EU)

- BESTUFS project: Results and solutions to improve urban freight transportJarl Schoemaker, NEA (NL)

- STRAIGHTSOL project - Olav Eidhammer, Institute of Transport Economics (Norway)

TRAILBLAZER projectDonald ChalkerTransport & Travel Research Ltd (UK)

- Key Challenges Peru - Cesar LamaPTL UNI (Peru)

- Key Challenges Mexico - Juan Pablo Antún, II-UNAM (Mexico)

- Key Challenges Latin AmericaEdgar E Blanco, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (USA)

- Key Challenges Sao Paulo - Daphne Savoy, Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego (Brazil)


The complete agenda of the workshop is available here.


Following the activities previewed in the Technical Annex, the project included some technical visits in order to provide experience of local urban logistics contexts.

The technical visits are considered as excellent opportunities to observe and better understand local contexts, allowing the consortium to analyse the case studies in depth.

The Technical visits associated with the Belo Horizonte workshop allowed the consortium and the invited experts to better understand the following local measures:


- Ambev/Cesa technical visit in Belo Horizonte





- Cable-car connecting different favelas to the centre of Rio de Janeiro