Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Most countries and cities face common problems on urban logistics plans and are in different phases of public policy development. There was a need for the creation of a coordination platform that would promote the exchange of experiences and existent knowledge on the urban dimension of freight transport logistics.

The project puts together past urban logistics experiences and good practices, analyses them, extracts lessons learned, and disseminates the information at national, European and intercontinental levels, which supports ongoing and future related urban logistics plans.

TURBLOG_WW aims at improving awareness, enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences in city logistics best practices between European countries and countries worldwide but with a focus on the transfer of experiences between the EU, Brazil and Peru.

TURBLOG_WW contributes to more sustainable transport and energy policy development worldwide by undertaking two main activities.

Preparation of Urban logistic guidelines

  • Prepare guidelines targeted to each type of stakeholder (authorities, logistic operators, service providers and receivers, users and citizens, including the residents in local areas) following the logic of a roadmap

Organization of 4 Thematic workshops

  • Organize 4 thematic workshops coupled with site visits (2 in Europe, 1 in Brazil, 1 in Peru)
  • Report and disseminate workshop's results.