Tuesday, December 11, 2018


During the project we will provide the results in this section.


Title Description
D1 - A worldwide overview on urban logistic interventions and data collection techniques   This deliverable provides a worldwide snapshot of urban freight interventions and data collection techniques, providing a platform for further development of the TURBLOG_ww project. The material in the deliverable is taken from five Regional Reports produced by the project:
- Regional Report EU
- Regional Report Brazil
- Regional Report Hispano-American countries
- Regional Report Asia
- Regional Report Rest of the World (covering Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and Africa)
D2 - Business Concepts and Models for Urban Logistics This deliverable aims at presenting the main findings about the identification of which business models are best targeted at urban logistics, the identification of the logistics profiles of the case studies and the identification of the dynamic mechanisms that can be applied for business models implementation and transferability. This was done using the selected case studies from Deliverable D3 as a reference.
D3 - Urban Logistics Practices, Synthesis of Selected Case Studies


This deliverable provides information on urban freight transport practices implemented in nine different cities around the world. The material in the deliverable is taken from nine case studies produced for the TURBLOG_WW project (See case studies list below).

This deliverable gives a broad overview of some of the most important characteristics of the selected countries and cities, including urban freight data collection, current and expected transport problems, the institutional framework and the focus of their policies and the main measures used in the selected cities.


List of Case Studies 

  • Paris, France: Chronopost Concorde, La Petit Reine, Monoprix and the Freight Oriented Urban Master Plan of Paris;
  • Utrecht, the Netherlands: four measures that are part of a greater urban distribution policy package. These are the Low Emission Zone; the City Distribution Centres; the Beer Boat and the Cargohopper;
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Requirements of loading and unloading spaces inside companies with large traffic movements and Internet/telephone sales and deliveries from producer to customer through planned routes;
D4 - Transferability Guidelines and Evaluation This deliverable aims at describing a detailed methodology for the transferability of best practices in urban logistics. Examples of the usage of this methodology are provided in the form of four case studies. An underlying theme of the report concerns the practical feasibility of the methodology.