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TURBLOG_WW is EU supported project under the FP7 Programme designed from a complementary perspective for the work that is being promoted at the EU level by the Bestufs network, by addressing urban logistics from a wider (geographical) perspective, focusing upon a worldwide level (in general) and on Brazil and Peru (in particular). 

The main goal of the project is to extend, expand and transfer the existent knowledge to other countries and thus effectively contribute for the overall objective of extending the research and knowledge dissemination between EU and Latin America. 



(Click on the cities presented in the map to open the respective case study)

Utrecht, the Netherlands Paris, France New York, United States of America Mexico City, Mexico Santiago de Chile, Chile Belo Horizonte, Brazil Mumbai, India Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan


Who should be involved?

  • Governmental authorities;
  • Experts on urban logistics;
  • Research centres and Universities;
  • Transport and infrastructure operators;
  • Specialized media;

 Why to participate?

  • Enhance your knowledge on urban logistics;
  • Find out projects and partners;
  • Get solutions for your problems in urban logistic;
  • Bring your experience to the discussion;
  • Discover more on EU and LA best practises.


For that, the project acts as a coordination platform, gathering the experience to identify, generate and assess best practice solutions on urban freight initiatives, through the conduction of a set of case studies and the promotion of workshops and site visits (visit the Workshop Section for more information). The aim of the developed activities is to facilitate the exchange of information, raise awareness, disseminate and assess the potential to transfer and promote research results at the national, European and intercontinental levels.


Become a Virtual Partner

TURBLOG_WW set up a WEB PLATFORM, where people can expand and transfer knowledge on urban logistics. By signing into the website you become a VIRTUAL PARTNER, allowing you to have an active role in the project activities, namely taking part in the workshops, share your experience in the web forum and access information on best practices, guidelines and innovative solutions.




New TURBLOG articles

 New articles regarding the TURBLOG project are available in the Media Corner. 

Renewed EC transport research website

 The DG Research and Innovation invites you to have a look at the renewed EC transport research website for the latest news on upcoming calls, policy and results of ongoing research. You may access the new website by clicking on the banner available at the bottom of this page.

The 4th TURBLOG workshop was held in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) on 20th and 21st September

The Presentations given by the experts are available here.

The 3rd TURBLOG workshop on Urban Logistics Solutions Case Studies was held in Paris on 28.04

23th March 2011 

The presentations given by the experts are available here.

The TURBLOG Consortium submitted an abstract for the TRA 2012 Conference

15 June 2011

Click here to find out more about the TRA 2012 Conference.

TURBLOG partner PTL-UNI held a transferability workshop on the case study of La Victoria - Gamarra

13th June 2011

The workshop was held in Lima, Peru and took place between 10th May and 14th May 
A press release of the event is available here.