This platform is addressed to entrepreneurs that intend to apply a draft of their business plan for our analysis. Business Plans that inspire will be followed up by email or telephone to meet and present the project to our team. 
The entrepreneurs presents the project/company to the Indextalent team, who will respond within a week . Subsequently more elements for the assesssment and decision making process will be required.
At this point, Business Angels and an expert team meet and analyse all the elements and the technical specifics of the project until they decide to proceed with the investment or not. 
Definition of the contract that controls the relationships, rights and duties of the shareholders, or related to the activity of the partnership.
Normally,  the investment takes place through the acquisition of  a stake held in capital of the supported companies, sharing the business venture with the partners. 
It´s related to the management support in strategic and finantial matters. Since the partners' background is often connected to scientific areas and limited business experience, the follow-up is often fundamental to achieve success.
Typically, the disinvestment happens 3 to 5 years after the capital acquisition of the company by Indextalent.