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Managing the food chain is one of the six key research areas identified by the European Technology Platform Food for LiFe. eFood Chain main objective is to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of the food industry in Europe by stimulating an innovative and seamless use of ICT along its value chain. More specifically, SMEs are at the centre of interest of this action, it aims to facilitate the participation of agro-food SMEs in global digital value network and enable them to become international business partners. Its ultimate goal is to create an innovative, seamless eBusiness environment that will stimulate and enable the uptake of ICT and eBusiness technologies, notably by SMEs, in this highly SME-intensive sector.
The project’s key operational objectives are to:

  • Provide an in-depth market analysis in terms of the current use of ICT and eBusiness solutions underpinning the agro-food supply chain management.
  • Develop a framework for a digital food supply chain, which will set the principles and rules for interoperability among business processes and data exchange models in order to allow for seamless, paperless information and data flows underpinning B2B transactions along the food supply chain.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility and validity of the framework for a digital food supply chain, through the set up, monitoring and evaluation of sectoral and cross-border pilot-prototypes.
  • Establish a governance model for the maintenance of the framework and its follow-up after the end of this action and propose policy recommendations for mass market adoption.
  • Organise a European conference to present and validate the framework for digital food supply chain and the results of the pilot-prototypes.
  • Promote awareness raising and dissemination of the framework and the resullts achieved.