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The eFoodChain consortium is composed of:


AGRO EDI EUROPE, an association created to regroup all the economic actors of the food processing industry, individual firms and organisms. It is a French association which promotes and normalizes Electronic Data Exchange in the agricultural sector.







INOVA+, a private consultancy company with a vast experience in project creation and management at the European level. INOVA+ provides customers with the knowledge, management skills, partnerships, as well as the technical and financial support required to implement their Innovation projects.





 Assembly of the European Regions producing Fruit, Vegetables and Plants (AREFLH), an association in the food and agriculture sector, whose mission is to defend, promote and represent the associated companies.





 Dutch Produce Association, an association for marketing organisations of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, working at national and European level in order to defend the interests of the fruit and vegetables companies.





INESC Porto, a research institute which makes the bridge between the academic world and the industrial and service enterprises. INESC works especially in the scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, consulting and advanced training programmes.






Izba Zbożowo Paszowa is an economic self governmental organisation. It has over 70 associate companies, mostly of the sectors of feed production, oilseed crushing industry, milling and storage and bio-fuel industry, covering most of the agricultural market.






SisTrade, an information systems company with know-how in software development and consulting service for different activity areas, including for industry companies.






Food Processing Initiative e.V. is a platform in the food sector which promotes innovation and new technologies, creation of alliances and information networks.  Its members are part of the food industry mainly.