eFoodChain team has been developing a collaborative Reference Framework for the digital food supply chain, which sets the principles and rules for interoperability among business processes and data exchange models in order to allow for seamless, paperless information and data flows underpinning B2B transactions along the agro-food supply chain.

Currently the project has initiated the stage of the demonstration and validation of the eFoodChain Reference Framework, with active involvement of various stakeholders, especially from the fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy sectors. The participants of this pilot programme, entitled “Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme”, will be the first beneficiaries of the proposed eFoodChain solution and will be able to freely exploit the innovative potential of standardized digital data exchanges.

The eFoodChain Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme is divided into two pilot phases: 

  • Phase 1: limited in time and scope, involving a smaller number of agro-food stakeholders and ICT solution providers that will validate the very first major guidelines defined in the draft of the framework (and provide feedback on its first draft).  September 2012 - August 2013 (ongoing)

  • Phase 2: which envisages extending the demonstration scope geographically and involving a larger number of participants (covering the three targeted sectors, as well as representation of various levels of the food supply chain).  June  2013 - May 2014

The feedback obtained along the process will contribute to fine-tuning of the Reference Framework.

Considering the real needs at the level of primary production, the first set of pilot prototypes focuses on developing standardized exchanges in the upstream of agriculture and food sector. Thanks to input from external experts and the market analysis results, the main pilot areas have been identified as: 

The pilot scheme is currently open to new participants for Phase 2, and stakeholders particularly welcome to join the “Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme” include:

  • Representatives of all levels of the agro-food value chain (“from farm to fork”) in the three targeted sectors (fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy)
  • IT Providers operating in this sector

All companies interested in becoming one of the eFoodChain Innovators and Early Adopters are encouraged to fill in the Expression of Interest Form.