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 “Innovation requires better collaboration not only between the public and the private sector but also between different business sectors. In this respect an increased use of ICT and the emergence of innovative B2B services can help achieve this goal."

The eFood Chain project, funded by the European Commission - DG Enterprise & Industry, is one of the measures to increase the efficiency of the agro-food supply chain, and demonstrate the real benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and eBusiness solutions for enterprises, in particular SMEs.

 Its results contribute to:

  • prove an EU vision on how the transformative power of ICT can affect the competitiveness of the agro-food supply chain,
  • identify opportunities for EU added value to national and sectoral efforts,
  • reinforce business relationships between SMEs and larger players across the borders, in order to enhance «full implementation of the Digital Single Market.







The eFoodChain Reference Framework will enable European companies operating in the cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy sectors to use ICT more effectively.

Discover how!


eFoodChain to be presented at Workshop on European funds for promoting growth of SMEs through digita

Ernst & Young in partnership with the European Commission and the Portuguese Agency for the Development and Cohesion, IP will organise on the 22nd of April, in Lisbon, a Workshop on European Funds for Promoting growth of SMEs through digital transformation. This event will highlight the contributions and results of the successful European initiative eFoodChain.

This session will count with the participation of companies, especially SMEs, entrepreneurs and clusters from the agro-food sector. For further information about the programme and location of the event, please consult here (in Portuguese) and here.

Successful Food Digitisation

at the eFoodChain Final Conference

Paris has welcomed the final Conference of the eFoodChain Initiative, under the motto “FOOD IS GOING DIGITAL – What about you?”. For one day, over 120 stakeholders from the agri-food sector (mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy sectors) followed a very interesting programme prepared for this closing event.

Participants have been presented with the outcomes of the eFoodChain initiative, and in particular the results of the successful case studies from the eFoodChain Reference Framework implementation were discussed – with clear benefits showcased directly by their actors.

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Food is Going Digital – What about you?

The final programme for the eFoodChain Final Conference is now available

We are looking forward to welcome you to the eFoodChain Final Conference taking place in beautiful Paris on the 17th of June 2014.

For one day, agro-food industry players from all over Europe will celebrate in the beautiful city of lights, the achievements of eFoodChain initiative which aims to assist SMEs from three sectors (dairy products, cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables) to participate in digital supply chains, through its Reference Framework.

Participation in the conference is free of charge, but requires registration (limited number of seats). Envoys from national associations and other representative sectoral organisations can also apply for co-financing of travel and accommodation expenses. Please register and contact us for more details.

Register now!

FOOD IS GOING DIGITAL - What about you?

“Stimulating innovation in the food supply-chain through smart use of ICT”  is the main topic of the eFoodChain Final Project Conference. This event will showcase the results achieved by the eFoodChain project, including the success stories from first implementations of its Reference Framework under the Innovators & Early Adopters Programme.

The Conference Programme is now available for consultation. REGISTER HERE.

And while you are staying in Paris, we invite you for the SmartAgrimatics 2014 Conference taking place on 18-19 June at the same venue. See more at the conference website.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!

REGISTER NOW for the eFoodChain Final Project Conference

Registration is now open for the eFoodChain Final Project Conference, taking place on the 17th of June 2014 in Paris. The one day event will bring 250 players from the agro-food sector across Europe, including SME representatives, cooperatives, sector organisations, multipliers, and representatives of the academic community, standardisation bodies, eBusiness consultants and ICT suppliers.

The main topic of the conference will be “Stimulating innovation in the food supply-chain through smart use of ICT” and it will showcase the results achieved by the eFoodChain project, including the success stories from first implementations of its Reference Framework under the Innovators & Early Adopters Programme.

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Now available: eFoodChain Connector 1.1.0

The eFoodChain team has developed an innovative and seamless eBusiness environment that combines innovation and digitization, simply at 1 click away. For SMEs operating in sectors such as fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy products and cereals, the eFoodChain collaborative Reference Framework will help revolutionize businesses by saving time and money significatively and contributing for higher competitiveness and efficiency.

A major ICT element is the B2B Connector, a software implementation of the eFoodChain Messaging Service. It is a simple, low cost, ‘plug & play’ software element, able to be deployed and configured in the SME’s ICT infrastructure within the maximum time frame of one day. It provides a connectivity gateway between the SME’s Information Management System and other external connectors located in the Internet to which a connection is defined for supporting B2B transactions. The software is available as Open Source in the eFoodChain website.

Save the Date: 17 June 2014

The eFoodChain Final Conference will be held on the 17th of June 2014 in Paris, one of the key European centers for the agro-food Industry.

The Conference Hall at the Novotel Charenton will be the perfect venue for presenting the results achieved by this action, especially the successful results of the Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme.

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The JRC’s new study on short food supply chains

The Joint Research Centre has published a new study on the relevance of short supply chains in the distribution of agricultural and food products.

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Successful eFoodChain Workshop
The eFoodChain Workshop was successfully concluded on the 10th of September, hosted at the COPA-COGECA premises in Brussels. Over 20 participants of the workshop discussed prospects of the 2nd Phase of the eFoodChain pilot scheme and how smart use of ICT can improve competitiveness of the European agro-food industry.
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eFoodChain Workshop at the COPA-COGECA in Brussels | Invitation Only - Book now
The eFoodChain project and Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme will be presented at the COPA-COPEGA premises in Brussels on the 10th September 2013. This event will be the perfect opportunity for participating companies to understand the benefits and opportunities offered by this European Project, particularly regarding the development of the collaborative Reference Framework for the digital agro-food supply chain. 
Participation in the workshop is invitation-based only and places are limited, therefore interested stakeholders are encouraged to contact the consortium ASAP to obtain a formal invitation. Further details about the Workshop, including the registration and agenda can be consulted upon request.
French Newspaper "Actualités Agricoles" highlights eFoodChain
The weekly bulletin of the French Cereals Cooperatives has expressed its interest for the eFoodChain Project in an article published on its 29th edition.
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eFoodChain Solution presented at IGU Berlin Conference

eFoodChain project will be presented at the 2013 Berlin Mini-conference “Dynamics in Food and Agriculture based Supply Chains”, taking place on 11-12 July in Berlin at the Geographisches Institut of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

eFoodChain at UNECE’s Conference in Geneva
The eFoodChain project and its Reference Framework for standardized electronic B2B data exchanges will be presented at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) conference on “Implementing Aid-for-Trade (Aft) Road Maps”, which will be held at the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) conference centre in Geneva on 10th and 11th July 2013. 
For further information about the conference programme, please consult the UNECE website. 
The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague hosts the eFoodChain workshop

The eFoodChain project organised on the 27th of June a half-day workshop hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague, Netherlands. Mr. Roald Laperre (plv. DG for AGRO in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) made the opening speech and the workshop had the participation of a selected dozen of stakeholders and representatives from industry (mainly from the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and Dairy sectors).

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eFoodChain presented the EFITA 2013 in Torino

The eFoodChain project and the solution it proposes for SMEs’ integration into digital food supply chains will be presented in Torino at the EFITA 2013 Conference: Sustainable Agriculture through ICT Innovation. The presentation is part of the Session 3: ICT applications for food chain and logistics, taking place on Tuesday, 25 June in the morning.

Don’t miss it! For the detailed conference programme please visit 

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Visit the FRESH Congress 2013 and find out more about the eFoodChain project!
The event takes place in Paris on 12-14 June and offers plenty of market insight and analysis as well as opportunities to network with the best in the business.
The project will be represented there by our Dutch partners. More information about the event:
#3 Issue of the eFoodChain Newsletter has been released!

We are pleased to launch the third issue of the eFoodChain newsletter, intended to update you on the progress and achievements of this European project. In this edition we present in more detail one of the pilot prototype projects currently being implemented in the frame of the ‘Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme’ and inform you about some other eFoodChain related news and events. We welcome your feedback and remain at your disposal for further requests.



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The 2nd Issue of the eFoodChain Newsletter is now available!

The eFoodChain partners are pleased to invite you to read the second issue of the project Newsletter.

In this issue, we continue to present you on the progress and achievements of this European project, particularly the eFoodChain Framework, currently being developed. We also take the opportunity to provide you with some more details regarding the ‘Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme’, where various agro-food stakeholders, participating of different pilots, will have the opportunity to evaluate the interoperability of different business processes and information flows and demonstrate how the eFoodChain solution can promote the integration of SMEs along the value chain.

Please consult the download section of the eFoodChain website to access the 2nd Issue of the eFoodChain Newsletter. We welcome your feedback and remain at your disposal for further requests.


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eFoodChain Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme – open call for expressions of interest
The eFoodChain project is now preparing its stage of demonstration and testing of the project´s Reference Framework for standardized electronic B2B data exchanges and is calling for all interested stakeholders, especially from fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy sectors to become the first Innovators to use the developed framework and participate in the pilot-prototypes. 
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Invitation to the workshop on the eFoodChain action: Market Analysis of the food supply chain

The Directorate General for Enterprises and Industry of the European Commission and the eFoodChain Consortium partners, would like to invite you to the first workshop of the eFoodChain, aiming to present the market analysis report, which will take place in Brussels, on the 9th of July 2012 - avenue d´Auderghem 45 - 1040 Brussels. 

For further details on the programme of the event, please see here. 

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