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 “Innovation requires better collaboration not only between the public and the private sector but also between different business sectors. In this respect an increased use of ICT and the emergence of innovative B2B services can help achieve this goal."

The eFood Chain project, funded by the European Commission - DG Enterprise & Industry, is one of the measures to increase the efficiency of the agro-food supply chain, and demonstrate the real benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and eBusiness solutions for enterprises, in particular SMEs.

 Its results contribute to:

  • prove an EU vision on how the transformative power of ICT can affect the competitiveness of the agro-food supply chain,
  • identify opportunities for EU added value to national and sectoral efforts,
  • reinforce business relationships between SMEs and larger players across the borders, in order to enhance «full implementation of the Digital Single Market.







The eFoodChain Reference Framework will enable European companies operating in the cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy sectors to use ICT more effectively.

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