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Successful Food Digitisation

The Final Conference in Paris has fully demonstrated the business benefits that eFoodChain can bring to SMEs.

The “FOOD IS GOING DIGITAL – What about you?” Conference that took place on June 17 was the culmination of the first phase of the eFoodChain initiative - carried out by a consortium of industry players under a contract awarded by the European Commission.




For one day, over 120 stakeholders from the agri-food sector (mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and dairy sectors) followed a very interesting programme prepared for this closing event. More than 15 conference presentations from 20 highly-qualified presenters have been presented to the Conference Audience. In addition, participants have been presented with the outcomes of the eFoodChain initiative, and in particular the results of the successful 4 proven use-cases have demonstrated in detail the eFoodChain Reference Framework implementation – with clear benefits showcased directly by their actors. 


In a ceremony witnessed by the entire conference, 6 bodies – Agro EDI Europe, Confragricoltura, Frug I Com, DPA, COTHN and AgroConnect - signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to guarantee the future development, maintenance and promotion of eFoodChain.

The presentations from the Conference can be consulted here:

The eFoodChain Initiative

Bruno Prépin, eFoodChain Consortium | General Manager, Agro EDI Europe

Agro-food Reality in Europe and its Digital Challenges, by:

The Small Actors Constraints - Why eFoodChain?, by Rémi Haquin, President of France AgriMer's Cereal Council
eFoodChain Reference Framework and its Validation with Early Adopters, by César Toscano, eFoodChain Consortium | Project Leader, INESC Porto

eDocuments Case Study Testimony, by:

eLABS Case Study Testimony, by Conny Graumans, General Manager, AgroConnect and Johan den Engelse, eFoodChain Consortium | Programme Manager, DPA/Frug I Com

FitoPomo Case Study Testimony, by
Alexandre Pacheco, Agriculture Technician, Associação dos Produtores Agrícolas da Sobrena and César Toscano, eFoodChain Consortium | Project Leader, INESC Porto

SC TRACE Case Study Testimony, by Friedrich Laubscher, Senior Project Leader, General Direction of Bayer Crop Science and Jean Christophe Pienne, Director of Plant Health Activities and Seeds, Seveal

eFoodChain Continuation, by Bruno Prépin, eFoodChain Consortium | General Manager, Agro EDI Europe

Outlook for eFoodChain Mainstream Adoption by Detlef Dohnert, Director of Supply Chain Stewardship, BASF SE