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Are you a producer, a processor, a distributor or a retailer operating in the cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables or dairy sector?
Are you interested in entering a new era of seamless business-to-business (B2B) environment supported by innovative ICT solutions?  
Would you like to benefit from a collaborative reference architecture which:

    • sets the principles and rules for interoperability among business processes and data exchange models in order to allow for paperless and standardised data flows
    • offers money and time savings, faster and easier exchange of business data, increased processes efficiency and quality, among other business benefits
    • facilitates B2B transactions, especially for the smaller players?


Then the eFoodChain Solution is for you!


Benefits of the eFoodChain Solution

The agro-food supply chain is complex and is highly dependent on a multiplicity of actors involved. Aiming at increased efficiency of the European agro-food supply chain, the eFoodChain project targets the three following sectors within the agro-food industry:


With the eFoodChain Solution you may obtain many benefits for your business:

  • You can increase efficiency and reinforce business relationships between your company and other players across the borders;
  • You can be connected with many companies operating in the same sector through innovative and seamless use of ICT along the value chain and therefore fully participate in a global digital value network and become a preferred international business partner;
  • You will experience better collaboration between the public and private sector, as well as different business services providers.

Overall, you will achieve:

  Improved quality of business information and data,

  Less incompatibilities and errors,

  More efficient data exchange processes,

  Reduced technical and organisational barriers to interoperability,

  Better connection with other stakeholders of the agro-food sector and reinforced business relationships,

  Significant money and time savings.

The eFoodChain Solution: from Farm to Fork

The eFoodChain Reference Framework, through its “Innovators and Early Adopters Scheme” will demonstrate the transformative power of ICT can affect the efficiency of the agro-food supply chainand reinforce business relationships between SMEs and larger players across the borders.

European agro-food SMEs are at the centre of interest of this action, which aims to facilitate their participation in global digital value network and enable them to become international business partners. Its ultimate goal is to create an innovative, seamless eBusiness environment and promote wider uptake of ICT in this highly SME-intensive sector.

Are you interested in becoming one of the eFoodChain Innovators and Early Adopters? 

Just fill in this form or simply send us an e-mail. We are pleased to assist you.