23 February 2019


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ComPM Assessment tool


Adapted from the results of Leonardo da Vinci project ASTRA, the ComPM Assessment Tool is composed of 70 statements intended to analyse 15 project manager competences, namely those identified in the Competence Profile of the EU Project Managers. This electronic tool allows project managers to perform a self-assessment of their managerial competences.

The competences have been divided into three groups: the group of cognitive (individual) competences is composed of six competences; the group of social competences of 5 competences, and the group of professional competences of 4 competences.

Using a 101-point scale (where 0 means “No, absolutely not” and 100 “Yes, definitely”) the respondent uses a slider takes a stance regarding each statement presented in the tool. Calculation of results, their reference to standards and generation of feedback with description of the level of specific competences of the respondent is performed automatically and it is available immediately after the test is finished.


If you are a project manager and would like to perform the self-assessment of your competences through the ComPM Assessment Tool please contact OIC Poland Foundation.