20 September 2018


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Several activities have been planned to take place during the project, the main ones mentioned below:

  • Defining the Competence profile of EU Project Managers: based on relevant literature sources and research, a competence profile for project manager will be defined, illustrating the necessary skills on four levels: individual, social, professional and meta-level.
  • Adaptation of the ICT Tool for Competence Measurement: the ICT tool will be adjusted and refined according to the partners national realities. This tool will be tested, both in English and national languages, by the project partners and also by experts in project management.
  • Preparation of the Training Curriculum for the EU funded project managers based on the competencies: based on the competence profile of EU Project Managers, a curriculum will be defined and adapted to each stage of the project implementation highlighting the required competencies.
  • Preparation of training materials for trainers and trainees: the EPMT training materials will be revised and improved. These outcomes, that will be made available in all partners languages, are addressed to ComPM direct target groups.
  • Training for project managers: sessions for up to 15 projects managers will be promoted, in all the partners’ countries in order, to collect feedback about the developed materials so they can be improved.
  • Conduction of train-the-trainer activities: up to two trainers for each participating country will be involved in a transnational pilot training session aimed at testing in practice the developed materials.




The main expected results deriving from the activities to be performed by the ComPM partners are:

  • A Competence Profile of EU project managers to illustrate the required skills (+)
  • The ComPM Assessment tool, which will be used to recognize and measure key managerial competencies of EU project managers (+)
  • A Training Programme for managers of EU funded projects based on an experiential learning approach (+)
  • Training Materials (+)
  • Promotion materials (+)


All outcomes will be made available in English, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Slovenian.