Friday, April 19, 2019
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Public Results 

D1.1 Network Code of Ethics and Statutory Documents, Report

D1.2 Operational Manual for the Network Members, Report

D1.5 Quality Assurance Plan, Report

D2.1 Template Manual to Support the Gathering of Information, Report

D2.2 Identification of Key Stakeholders at Regional, National, European and Global Level, Report

D2.3 Report on Results Analysis, Report

D2.4 List of protocols, Report

D3.1 Guidelines Handbook, Report (Version 2012)  (Version 2013)   (Version 2014)

D3.2 Knowledge Centre, Other

D3.3 AgeingWell Business Community List of Members, Report

D3.4 Report on AgeingWell Business Community Activities, Report

D3.5 ICT for Ageing Society Strategic Agenda, Report (Version 2012)   (Version 2014)

D3.6 AgeingWell Offer by Stakeholder, Report

D3.7 Good Practices Handbook, Report

D3.8 Report on QoL Indicators, Report

D4.1 Report on 1st International Event, Report

D4.2 Report on 2nd International Event, Report

D4.3 Report on 3rd International Event, Report

D4.4 Individual Reports on National Events, Report

          Porto, Portugal         Rome, Italy          Marseille, France

          Madrid, Spain           Sofia,Bulgaria     Paris, France

          Bucharest, Romania     Krakow, Poland     Nicosia, Cyprus

          Riga, Latvia     Thessaloniki, Greece

D4.5 Report on Regular Support Activities, Report

D5.1 Business Model and Business Plan, Report    (Version 2012)  (Version 2013)

D5.2 Policies, Rules and Operating to Guide the Enlargement of the Network, Report

D6.1 Manual for Dissemination, Report

D6.2 AgeingWell Webportal, Web

D6.3 List of AgeingWell Groups in Social Networks, Report

D6.4 List of Press Releases, Report

D6.5 Report on Common Events with Other Networks, Report

D6.6 Monitoring and Evaluation Report, Report

D6.7 Final Publishable Report, Report