Friday, April 19, 2019
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National and Regional Initiatives


Initiative  Promoter(s)  Description  Country  Link
 Aconchego  Porto Social Foundation  Aconchego is directed to seniors over 60, living alone or with a spouse in the city of Porto with room in their residence to accommodate a student; and college students, aged between 18 and 35, resident in Porto who are willing to commit to monitoring and improving the quality of life of seniors. This intergenerational programme aims to support seniors in promoting their welfare, tackle loneliness and isolation, while at the same time providing students with a home at low cost, either free of charge or with a symbolic fee to share the costs of water and energy.   Portugal  URL
Age Action Alliance  Beth Johnson Foundation  The Age Action Alliance is a partnership of organisations from civil society and the public and private sectors, which celebrates the lives of older people and their contribution to society. It works together and uses its diverse skills to particularly improve the lives of the most disadvantaged older people and prevent deprivation in later life.  United Kingdom  URL
Ageing Well group on the Knowledge Hub  Local Government Association  The Knowledge Hub is an initiative developed by the UK Local Government Association to provide tools to help people connecting, sharing and learning from each other. The platform uses social networking models to enable individuals to create connections to peers and experts in their fields of interest, helping them share learning, experiences and ideas, and drive sector self-regulation and improvement and innovation. There is a specific group devoted to Ageing Well which intends to support councils and their partners to prepare for the ageing population  United Kingdom  URL
Ageing Well Network - Making Ireland the Best Place to Grow Old  Independent group of leaders, heads of organisations and strategic thinkers  The mission of the network is two-fold: 1) To reframe the agenda on ageing – by extending the focus beyond health, care and pension provision to also address the significant opportunities of a rapidly ageing global population: and 2) to act as a catalyst and support for better long-term planning and greater collaboration among agencies involved in policy development and service provision across the public, private and voluntary sectors.  Ireland  URL
Agile Entrepreneurship - The Online Social Platform for 55+  SECOT - Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation  Agile Entrepreneurship is a platform with links to services of interest for senior citizens and a brief introduction to other internet platforms. Any registered user may access the contents of the website, participate actively in any proposed initiative and benefit of the range of services and information that is available in the platform. At present, a number of initiatives are already active in the platform, on subjects ranging from photography to literature, navigation and coaching to wine and blogging.  Spain  URL
Alékso - Senior Call Operator Initiative  Target Srl  The Alékso call center is manned by people over 60 offering teleconsultation, counseling and support, as well as information on related events and services. The main objective of the Senior Call Operator Initiative is to promote opportunities for active ageing seniors as call operators and offer them training in the spheres of tele-work and IT services, enabling them to become autonomous in these fields and provide support for those in need.  Italy  URL
CLIC - Centre Local d’Information et de Coordination  Ministry of Health and Solidarity  This is a French initiative promoted by the government and acts as a proximity service for elders and their care givers. Besides ensuring proximity, these structures facilitate the networking between professionals including occupational health, home support and habitat management. Information is available by region and it has a search mechanism to ease the access to the required information.  France  URL
ESF Age Network  Public authorities from 14 EU-member states and regions  The aim of the ESF Age Network is to make the use of European Social Funds and other investments in employment programmes and projects more effective, meeting the challenges of demographic ageing in the labour markets.  In this network, Ministries and the ESF Managing Authorities of nine Member States and six regions learn from each other about the development and delivery of effective age management programmes.  European Union  URL
European Map of Intergenerational Learning (EMIL)  Beth Johnson Foundation  EMIL is a pan-European network linking 25 countries to promote the exchange of learning and ideas on intergenerational learning and practice. The project maintains a dedicated website and produces newsletters and virtual discussion groups.  United Kingdom  URL
Federal Plan for Seniors (Bundesplan für Seniorinnen und Senioren)  Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection  The Federal Plan for Seniors is a strategic document on the social integration and the enhancement of quality of life of senior citizens in Austria. This policy focuses on people and their abilities and resources and includes the following measures: 1) Promoting and ensuring opportunities for older people to participate in social, political, economic and cultural life; 2) Promoting lifelong learning in order to help people to deal with constantly changing circumstances, requirements and challenges; 3)Promoting active ageing: education, social security, medical advances and a functioning health care system for all.  Austria  URL
Healthy Ageing Alliance  Ministry of Environment, Health and Consumer Protection - Brandenburg  The Healthy Ageing Alliance (Bündnis Gesund Älter werden) was founded in March 2012, bringing together partners who commit to work together to improve the conditions for healthy ageing in the German state. Key players in the field of health, social issues and age participate in this initiative, aiming to combine and expand the already existing wide range of activities in the field of health promotion and disease prevention in older people.  Germany  URL
Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands  The Northern Netherlands Provinces  The Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN) is the knowledge and development cluster in the field of healthy ageing. HANNN stimulates the economic development of the Northern Netherlands through connecting knowledge institutions, companies, and government in the fields of diseases and health.  Netherlands  URL
Manchester’s Generations Together programme 2009-2011  Manchester City Council  This Programme involved 13 connected Intergenerational projects and aims at: 1) breaking down barriers between younger people, older people and the wider community; 2) helping younger and older people to come together, develop new skills and to improve their local area; and 3) increasing the numbers of younger and older people who volunteer. Within the activities carried out by the Programme there was a an Intergenerational Practice Toolkit: Creating Connections, Breaking Down Barriers.  United Kingdom  URL
National Plan for Ageing Well (2007-2009)  Ministry of Social Affairs and Health  The National Plan for Ageing Well was an initiative which aimed establishing the foundations for successful ageing by promoting adapted preventive actions, which were divided into 9 axes. The main result from this initiative was the creation of the "Bien vieillir - Vivre Ensemble" label which is given to cities that establish successful preventive actions.  France  URL
Pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing  European Commission  The pilot European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing will pursue a triple win for Europe: 1) enabling EU citizens to lead healthy, active and independent lives while ageing; 2) improving the sustainability and efficiency of social and health care systems; and 3) boosting and improving the competitiveness of the markets for innovative products and services, responding to the ageing challenge at both EU and global level, thus creating new opportunities for businesses.  Europe  URL
Plan Alzheimer 2008-2012  Presidency of French Republic  This Plan aims at supporting research, promoting earlier diagnosis and better care for Alzheimer patients. The Plan consists of 44 measures grouped under three axes (better quality of life for diseases, promotion of research, awareness).  France  URL
Portal Mayores   IMSERMO  Portal Mayores is a web site about older persons, specialising in Geriatrics and Gerontology, which was created in 2001 as a result of a collaboration agreement between the IMSERSO -Institute of Older Persons and Social Services (Instituto de Mayores y Servicios Sociales) and the CSIC - Spanish Scientific Research Council and developed in the CCHS - Human and Social Sciences Centre, to set-up and develop a senior citizens’ information system on the Internet.  Spain  URL
Reshaping Care for Older People  Ministerial Strategic Group for Health and Community Care of Scotland  The Reshaping Care for Older People Programme provides a long term and strategic approach for future care for older people in Scotland.  This strategy needs to be built on a strong and enduring consensus across all sectors and interests. Within the Programme there are three core themes: Care Settings, Complex Care, Community Capacity, with two supporting themes: Workforce and Finance and Analysis. Within this Programme, the Care for Older People portal has been created and it provides information, resources and education for health and social care staff who support older people in Scotland.  United Kingdom  URL
Rethink Age - Gain Future  Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs  "Rethink Age - Gain Future" is a social policy especially for senior citizens. This initiative includes series of discussion panels in which associations, organizations and institutions from the social and economic sector discuss the current situation of the elderly and focus on future challenges which the state has to face due to the demographic change. These discussions have resulted in an "Action Plan 2012/2013", which presents the projects and policies of the state government as part of the "Senior Policy Initiative".  Germany  URL
SEKO - Senior Control  Riga Active Seniors Alliance SEKO involves elderly qualified specialists in various professions who provide free consultations to enterprises and associations. Senior volunteers participating in this initiative offer their knowledge on areas such as family law, health promotion, lifelong learning provision, senior financial rights advocacy, senior employment promotion and welfare policies.   Latvia  URL
Social Inclusion Regional Group (SIRG)  The Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe  SIRG is a structure for positive interaction between local and regional stakeholders and the European institutions on the issue of active ageing. Likewise, the SIRG is to provide a structure for analysis and exchanges of best practice focused on the local and regional governance levels. The fields of action for 2012 SIRG are independent living, health and prevention, social innovation and care, and active contribution and social inclusion.  Netherlands  URL
Technology for Elderly  Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology   Technology for Elderly is a programme launched in 2007 to increase the development of products and services that can assist senior citizens and their relatives in everyday life. The objective is to test and develop new technology for elderly in their homes. The programme has supported over than 100 projects, submitted by companies, organisations and local government authorities, focused into three fields: Informal caregivers, Housing and Information about and accessibility to good products  Sweden  URL
Teletask Info Service  Pia Mater Foundation  Teletask Info service aims to answer common problems faced when delivering in-home care services to elderly people, such as how to guarantee that the care is delivered according to the service plan; or how to keep family members informed when they live in another city or country. Teletask Info was developed to provide high quality care services for senior citizens.  Bulgaria  
Valuing Older People (VOP)  Manchester City Council, NHS Manchester and community and voluntary organisations

 The Valuing Older People partnership is an initiative to improve life for older people in Manchester involving a number of different services, organisations, agencies and most importantly, older Manchester residents. VOP produces an electronic bulletin each month which features articles on national and local news, events and developments that relate to older people. This partnership has also elaborated the strategy "Manchester: A Great Place to Grow Older 2010-2020" presenting a vision of Manchester as a place where older people are more empowered, healthy and happy.

 United Kingdom  URL